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Oklahoma's first All Digital recording studio

A Complete Custom and Commertial Recording Facility.

We provide high-quality and affordable performance tracks, audio recording services for musicians, song-writers, entertainers, collectors, and audio professionals.

Are you a song-writer who needs high quality demos to give to prospective publishers? All Digital Audio Can take care of you. Are you already an accomplished recording technician/artist who needs that special over-dub or track sweetener to bring your project to life? Let us help. How about that radio spot or audio add for the web?it can be accomplished.

all Digital Audio has put together some money-saving packages for you. You aren't limited to these packages, you may create your music at the facility at A very competitive rate of only $100 an hour. Ten hour blocks are Available.

Recording packages

Remastering services

How about all those treasured recordings you grew up on, but can't find on cd anywhere? Don't toss out those old record albums and tapes, they are valuable. Let us restore and transfer them to cds or DVD for you.

restoration services

karaoke special

On line Collaboration available?


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