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Got an old treasured record album hanging out in your closet? How about that cassette tape of your favorite artist that never made it on to cd and is now out of print? Prices start at only $15 to transfer up to a 45 minute album. Only $1 per copy as well.

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Why Use Our Audio Services If I Already Have A Cd Recorded?
Digital recorders and stand-alone cd creators are becoming more popular, replacing the faithful old cassette. What these units don't do is compensate for an excited speaker who might be all over the place in reference to his microphone, and speaking in a whisper at one point and yelling the next. There are some wonderful speakers who are tremendous to watch and listen to, but may not have the best microphone technique. A good sound man and some expensive equipment can compensate for this to some extent, but there is no replacement for going back and fixing things after the fact. This is what studios charge a lot of money for, and what we do at a much more reasonable rate. You won't be turning the volume up to hear a soft part, and then holding your ears and reaching for the knob the next minute. If you have headphones on, and are listening on your portable audio device, and your hands are busy, you have ringing ears for the rest of the day. We can take your cd which was recorded at your conference or gathering, under less than ideal circumstances, and transform it in to a smoother, more uniform, and pleasant listening experience with all the audio in the proper dynamic range. So consider using us to improve even your digital recordings that you might be less than happy with.


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